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The hard-bitten but brilliant private investigator, Stan Avery, seems like a guy straight out of a mystery novel. As it turns out, that’s because he is. When Stan is only moments away from the final confrontation with his nemesis, he instead finds himself stuck in a room with the Writer, an author who claims to have created and the universe he lives in. Having suffered from writer’s block for over a year, the Writer has placed himself into his own story in a desperate effort to craft the perfect ending, an ending he wants Stan to write himself. What follows is a dialogue between man and Creator about love, purpose, freedom, and the meaning of existence.



Since childhood, Sufoh has centered his life around Slayer’s Heart, a technique that renders him an emotionless, merciless killer who fears nothing. His reputation is a badge of honor among the race of thieves from which he hails. But when Sufoh releases six legendary demons that threaten to plunge the world into chaos, he must leave his people to undo what he has done. As he ventures into a world that hates and fears him, Sufoh is forced to confront not only the evil he has unleashed, but the evil within himself, and learn what it truly means to be human.